According to a January 2018 report published by eMarketer, retail eCommerce sales in Canada climbed nearly 30% in 2017.
  • Retail eCommerce will account for 9.0% of total retail sales in Canada this year, as the country’s 19.8 million digital buyers continue to go online for many of their shopping needs.
  • Cross-border shopping is strong in Canada, and especially so in Atlantic Canada, particularly for merchandise south of the border. Some estimates suggest that almost half of what online shoppers in Canada purchase is from foreign retail sites.
  • The share of mobile-based digital buying continues to expand in Canada. eMarketer expects mobile commerce will account for 30.0% of retail eCommerce and 2.6% of total retail sales in the country this year. Despite this growth, mobile conversions and transactions still trail the rates on desktop.

There are currently 19.8 million eCommerce users in Canada, with an additional 5.21 million users expected to be shopping online by 2021. Four years from now, these 25.01 million eCommerce users will spend an average of 1208 USD online.

Preferred Online Payments

59% of Canadian shoppers use a credit card when shopping online, and a further 20% prefer PayPal.

As this data suggests, businesses wishing to survive in Atlantic Canada need to be present on their customers’ preferred channels; and need to fully integrate digital commerce in order to thrive. Similarly, B2B transaction processing is nearing the eCommerce tipping point and disruption will become more frequent in 2018. Simply put, those organizations offering eCommerce functionality to their customers and business partners will experience greater success than those still using antiquated systems.

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