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Branding & Logo Design

Our work begins with helping clients define their target audience and unique brand position. When the vision and value proposition are understood, the right logo will emerge to truly reflect the personality of the business while speaking directly to the right target audience.


Website Development

Chambre de commerce de Clare

The Chambre de commerce de Clare required a new online presence to promote business members operating in the southwest part of Nova Scotia. Using the existing brand and social media collateral, a new website, together with a business promotions directory, was created. Anticipated launch for October, 2018

Activate Your 3rd Act

Certified Co-Active Professional Coach, Geoff Crinean, required the creation of an entire online position, including logo, brand positioning statements, website, email automation, lead generation and pdf collateral for download.

If you’re near or ready for ‘retirement’, chat with Geoff at Activate Your 3rd Act to see learn how to passionately commit to your 3rd stage of life!

Dianne Deveau-Nickerson, MSW, RSW

Dianne Deveau-Nickerson, MSW, RSW an accomplished professional Social Worker from Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, required the development of a brand new online position to promote her availability to serve clients in the Yarmouth and Clare areas of Nova Scotia. The coastal / wave theme was incorporated into both her logo and on the website to reflect her Maritime roots while conveying a soothing calm.

Maeisart - Wendy Bissett-Beaver

Local Dartmouth-born artist Wendy Bissett-Beaver needed to step up her online presence and incorporate e-commerce functionality. Her customers can now browse the extensive online gallery and purchase directly from both her website and her new Facebook store.

If you’re looking for a vibrant, eclectic portrayal of Nova Scotia artwork, then visit Maeisart for a delightful experience.

Raven Sky Group

The Raven Sky Group, a First Nations majority-owned, clean technology company, approached us with a fabulous logo and an urgent need for an online presence.  Remaining true to the brand, we quickly generated a simple yet very effective single page website to promote their clean energy solutions.

HRM District 2 Councillor

Councillor David Hendsbee, representing HRM District – Preston | Chezzetcook | Eastern Shore, required a website to promote monthly newsletters, various Council activities and his social media profiles. Using area imagery to showcase municipal representation, a responsive WordPress site and several social media profiles including Twitter and Facebook were created. The efforts successfully connect the Councillor with the constituency base.

Old Riverside Lodge Bed & Breakfast


A jewel of a bed & breakfast overlooking the Musquodoboit River in Nova Scotia required a significant makeover to showcase the beauty of the area, and the luxurious amenities available to lodge guests. We provided on-site photography to capture the warmth, charm, and comfort that welcomes visitors.

Technical delivery included custom website development on the WordPress platform, using the Divi theme.  The site is now fully responsive to smartphone browsing, providing greater exposure to holiday travelers.

Suncatcher Bed & Breakfast

A warm “Welcome” awaits you at the Suncatcher B&B located in North River, a suburban area of Truro, Nova Scotia. A custom WordPress site was created for the client which is fully responsive to smartphone browsing, allowing greater exposure to holiday travelers. An interactive display of area tourism activities was also developed, helping to brand the Suncatcher Bed & Breakfast as a promoter of regional tourism activities.

Signs By The Shore

The company had a strong web presence, and a fabulous logo, but the site was not mobile compliant. Using Divi WordPress, the online presence for Signs by the Shore was measurably improved, with a cleaner interface, accessible by all devices.

Nova Scotia Bioenergetics


Nova Scotia Bioenergetics – a therapy practice dedicated to the empowerment of healing, required new branding and e-commerce functionality.

A new logo was designed, using the tree as a symbol of strength. A mobile responsive site was developed on the Squarespace platform, and Paypal was used to accept credit cards payments for course registrations. Email Marketing was incorporated using MailChimp and training was provided to update website content.

Webbers Motel


Webbers Lake Charlotte Motel – a vintage gem on the Eastern Shore of Nova Scotia required new branding and e-commerce functionality.

A new logo was designed, capturing the local charm. A mobile responsive site was developed on the Squarespace platform, and Paypal was used for secure credit card payment. Training was provided to self-manage on the Squarespace platform.

East Preston Community


The community of East Preston, Nova Scotia, required full online representation. A unique logo, representing the nurturing nature of the community, set the design standard for the remaining collateral.

The website was created on the Squarespace platform; and Facebook and Twitter, together with email marketing, were integrated, resulting in a cohesive community branding solution.

Aztek Solar


If you believe you’re spending too much money on your electrical bill, then now might be a good time to consider a solar energy system from Aztek Solar Ltd. – it WILL pay for itself over time through increased energy savings.

Aztek Solar Ltd approached us with a weak online presence. A new content strategy was developed, focusing on the features & benefits of solar energy for the Atlantic Canadian market. EMS (email marketing) was integrated with lead generation to deliver informative, downloadable pdf’s. Since launch, and with the promotion of social media, the newly designed website experienced an impressive increase in online activity and has continued to show a steady online growth.

Rosapel Administrative Services


If you’d like to spend more time working on your business, instead of all the little, pesky admin-y things, then hire ROSAPEL for home office support, designed for you on-site and off-site.

ROSAPEL had a great logo, but needed to develop her presence online. A customized website was developed on the Squarespace platform, and email marketing was integrated. Training was also provided ensuring ROSAPEL can now fully control her online presence.

Pleasure For Health


Pleasure for – Knowledgeable and compassionate intimacy coaching with Ailsa Keppie required an online presence to raise awareness about having great sexual health as part of our everyday existence.

A new branded logo was created, and the Squarespace platform was used to create a mobile responsive solution, with an integrated blog and email marketing.

Ideal Media Services

Scott Deal, a professional post-production video editor, required a fully responsive solution to focus entirely on the creative media portfolio amassed from his many years of work with Global TV and CBC. The Squarespace platform was chosen as the client wanted an easy-to-modify interface, that was clean and simple to update at his leisure.

Morgan Z. Fraser

A young gentleman embarking on his career path needed an online presence that reflected his persona and passions. Working with a student budget, I incorporated his initials to create a unique logo and used the Wix platform to connect his domain to a custom online presence, fully responsive to mobile computing.