In other words, do you have access to your domain name, and the ability to backup your business website? Have you thought about what might happen if your website hosting provider failed to serve your website, in the event of a crash? Planning for disaster recovery should extend to your online assets.

Far too often in our busy-business lives, we find ourselves consumed with the numerous details involved with running our business and serving our clients. And sometimes that can result with us overlooking some of what I refer to as the ‘critical infrastructure” components of our business, namely proper management of our domain names and hosting arrangements.

I recently had a very negative experience in my business. It involved the failure of a local hosting company to serve several company-owned and client-owned websites due to a server crash of one of their 3rd party suppliers. There were several lessons learned from this experience – this video will help explain why it is critical to:

  • Have ownership and control of your domain name
  • Choose a website hosting company that regularly performs backups
  • Access website backups and store off-site

So, if you need guidance to develop a strategic disaster recovery plan for your online assets, contact .  Don’t wait until its too late.