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With Atlantic Online. Rise on the Digital Tide.

Who We Are

We are a seasoned digital agency based in Nova Scotia, Canada, with 25 years of experience driving business growth through digital marketing and pioneering cutting-edge technology. Our passion lies in crafting customized designs and strategies that cater to the unique needs and goals of every business.

Industry Focus

We specialize in diverse industries like manufacturing, fisheries, law, financial services, non-profit, arts, tourism (both private and government sectors), and health and wellness (beauty and mental health).

What We Do

We provide a wide range of digital marketing services tailored to meet your needs, including web design, e-commerce development, strategic social media marketing across Meta and Google Ads, SEO content creation, and email marketing.

The Story of Atlantic Online

Born by the sea, raised on digital. Our roots are maritime, our reach is global.

Founded by Shelley Bellefontaine, has grown from a local, rural initiative in Nova Scotia to a renowned digital marketing agency serving clients across Canada and the eastern seaboard of the United States. Now in our 25th year, we have evolved from a trendy marketing studio into a trusted partner known for generating substantial success for our clients.

The Industries We Serve


We specialize in empowering clients in the Atlantic Fishery with customized digital marketing strategies. Given Atlantic Canada's renowned reputation for having the best fish in the world (so we've been told), our goal is to establish our clients as dominant competitors in global markets.


Nova Scotia's tourism and hospitality sector depends greatly on a strong online presence. We empower businesses in this industry to flourish by crafting websites that not only attract attention but also effectively convert visitors into customers. 


In the dynamic world of manufacturing and marine industries, Atlantic Online stands out by fostering innovation. The combination of creativity and functionality ensures that businesses in this sector can effectively communicate their brand identity and services to their target audience.

Mental Health & Wellness

At Atlantic Online, we specialize in creating custom websites for Registered Counseling Therapists across Canada. Our approach includes designing visually appealing and functional sites while implementing effective traffic generation strategies. Our goal is to empower these professionals to reach their audience effectively, contributing to improved mental health outcomes for their clients.

Professional Services

As a digital agency, Atlantic Online partners with members of Nova Scotia's financial services, legal, and various other membership organizations. Our specialty lies in bridging the gap between legal, financial, and broader professionals and their communities through safe and effective marketing practices. The digital marketing solutions we develop and manage serve as potent tools for showcasing expertise, fostering trust, and attracting clients.


Market Analysis

Our Market Analysis Report reflects a comprehensive evaluation of your market position relative to competitors, industry-relevant keywords, and an SEO analysis of your website. You'll receive a detailed report with strategic recommendations to resonate with your audience, drive engagement, and enhance brand messaging consistency.

Web Design

Your website is pivotal in your marketing strategy, serving as your first interaction with potential clients. It must look impressive and seamlessly convert visitors into customers. It acts as your ambassador when you are found. With our expertise across multiple platforms, we ensure your website represents your business effectively.

Growth Plans

Drive your business forward with strategic online promotions like Google Ads for immediate visibility and SEO-optimized blogs for improved search rankings. Engage your audience with compelling Social Media Positioning through targeted Facebook ads and organic posts, complemented by personalized email marketing to nurture client relationships. Ready to rise on the digital tide?